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Tony grew up in the gritty border town of El Paso, Texas. He has been tattooing professionally for nearly 2 decades, but has always been involved in some form of art all his life. At an early age, whether it was expressing himself with spray paint on walls or applying paint on canvas, he strove to push and challenge his talents as an artist. “Talent can only take you so far, but hard work and diligence can make you a professional artist” is the motto that he lives by. Although he shines in full color pieces, he is well diverse in tattoo styles offering his clients a repertoire of skills to choose from. Whether you are looking for a full color custom piece, black and white or portrait, you can depend on Tony to give you the professionalism and highest quality in tattooing you come to expect at Starlight Tattoos.

Matt Smith

Matt is a tattoo artist at the Starlight Tattoo Mandala Bay shop in Vegas. He has been tattooing for a long time and has a lot of experience.

Orion Edwards

With 10 years of experience working in tattoo studios across the country, Orion is considered an "Elite" artist. He is proficient in but not limited to American traditional, Japanese traditional, and black/grey.

His application and technique can accommodate any and all who want a solid and lasting tattoo with expert results. These talents are why he calls an established high end shop like Starlight Tattoo his home.

Jericho Sepulveda

Jericho is from the small town of El Paso, Texas right on the US / Mexico border. After many years of hard work and nothing to show for it, Jericho left the rough environment and poverty that comes with living in a border town behind and he made his way to Las Vegas in search of a better life for himself and his family. Coming from a graffiti background, tattooing was a natural progression that allowed him to take his artistry to the next level.

He apprenticed under long time friend Tony “Humpty” Arias and picked up the skill very quickly and ran with it. After working at a few shops in town and striving to learn and grow as much as possible, the hard work eventually paid off when Jericho found a home in the productive environment of Starlight Tattoo.

When not tattooing and spending time with his girlfriend and daughter, Jericho trains in muay thai, boxing and is working towards his black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu in hopes of becoming a successful active fighter as an auxiliary goal right behind tattooing. So whether its graffiti inspired, full color or black & grey that you're looking for, Jericho will make your tattoo experience one to remember with a very clean piece of permanent art that shows what determination and hard work can accomplish.

Joe Castillo

Hello everyone! I'm Joe and I proudly tattoo here at Mario Barth's Starlight Tattoo! I started tattooing in 2006 and haven't looked back since. Along with tattooing I also love drawing and painting which complement each other very well. I love tattooing anything and everything. I definitely try not to limit myself with just one style of tattooing.

I'll never stop learning and consider myself a life long student of not only tattooing but art-driven theory and application. Thank you so much for reading this and hope to see you next time you're in Vegas! Cheers!

Cristiano Bautista

Starlight Tattoos Piercing Expert

Cristiano has been piercing since 2014. Expect nothing but incredible piercings from Cristiano you won't be disappointed.


Blanco is from L.A/Palm springs and found art was his passion in high school. It started with painting, and using spray paint and eventually picked up a talent for tattooing. He was a traveling tattoo artist until he found his home at starlight! He is skillful and diversified when it comes to tattoo styles. Black and grey, color, neo traditional.. you want it, he can do it.

He not only treats his clients professionally, but builds on a personal level as well for your comfort. At the end of your session, you’ll have found a highly skilled tattoo artist that you can trust with just about anything.

Michelle Hall

Michelle Hall has been tattooing for six years. She was born in Utah but grew up in Las Vegas. She comes from a family of artists, but is the first tattooer in the family. She has been studying art for 25 years. Before she was a tattoo artist she was an opera singer, and is currently in a metal band.

Her favorite kind of tattoos to do are colorful ones. She is a lover of art and music. Michelle loves to use her creativity of art to help guide her customers to amazing bright and vibrant tattoos.

Beau Ashley

3 years professional tattooist. I really enjoy the likeness of people. Interested in large scale compositions to further beautify bodies. From LA originally, passion in travel. I have some fun facts about history too.

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