Dee Sanchez

Dee Sanchez

 My name is Dee Sanchez. I have been a pencil artist for the majority of my life, tattooing now for 6 years and was taught by the master 9th degree black belt in tattooing Jimmy Mackey of Monster Tattoo in Delaware. I now work for The Studio at the one and only Painful Pleasures facility outside of Baltimore MD.  I enjoy tattooing in black and grey, photo realism. Whether it be portraits, religious themes, dark and evil, or soft black and greys, i love it all. If it can be captured in a photo, then i can capture it in tattoo form. 

I take a lot pride in my work and put my all into every project. I work best when i have a little freedom with the project and have a client just as enthusiastic as i am. So let's make some magic happen. 

I'll be tattoo at Starlight Tattoo in Rochelle Park, NJ from November 21 through 24, 2014. To schedule an appointment please email me directly at

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